Cooking thread

No pics.
The cooking bag broke, the juices boiled off, no real gravy.
It still tasted good, but I am kinda pissed.
Might post pics of my gf's smashed potatoes.
They are baby taters sliced and smashed a little with all the fixins and then baked.

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Happy Thanksgiving


do you cook or do you just buy pudding, peanuts, and apples?

there is no wrong answer to that. just pure curiosity

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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I do cook, but not daily.

Thank you for responding. I usually cook 5 times a week but it makes more sense if you live with others


At most I cook twice or thrice a week - very basic stuff, food isn't very culturally diverse here.
Most people eat the same things every day for their whole lives pretty much.

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Late nights...

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Cat food?

Split peas?

Nmagane cooks more than I do. Life failure

Lunch time.


the hydra encircles it's prey, the fragile bireme hopeless in still waters

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a warship powered by 2 decks of oarsmen. 3 would be a trireme, 4 a quadrireme, etc

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I'll take your word for it.

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We have been doing it at a friend of the family who is german so my last thankgivings have been lackluster