Coping with Grief or Experiences with Grief + Loss

Not sure if anyone here has lost a pet. I wouldn't wish the feeling on my worst of enemies. Eight years I grew up with Surridge, today I got the call that he passed away.

I know it's not the same as a human but in a way that makes it worse.


I lost my childhood dog back in January. I went back home to see him before they put him down. He was skin and bones, barely eating anything and barely able to walk. Just wilting away. I have a picture of him in my living room and it hasn’t gotten any easier to see. I felt closer to him than any friend I’ve had. He was the sweetest thing I ever knew. All he had was love. I’m sorry for your loss.

that’s terrible. losing my 3 y/o cat without warning was the most traumatic shit I’ve ever dealt with

still hurts, everyday

I definitely understand, sorry for your loss

Thank you, and sorry for losing my temper in the last thread, it wasn't fair of me and I've been in a rough patch.

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My old dog is gonna pass soon. Growths all over her. Love her and just kinda sad I won't get a ton of chances to spend time with her before I go. I can tell she wishes I could stay.

How is she coping with it? They always seem to know when they're on the way out. Do you still have your cat actually

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Lynrd Skynrd, my 16 year old Alaskan Goat Dog, drowned and died yesterday while we were kayakking down the limebush ford. Can i get some condolences guys?

Got you bud

She's got a little girl mentality so she still thinks she is one. She does get a little huffy when I visit tho. My cats good, the same way really. She learned the command cuddle recently

Hope you're okay. What was Surridge like?

all good my dude

I’m really sorry man

losing a pet is so fucking brutal

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Hard to say really. We got him when I had "technically" moved out, all of my experiences with him were on visits back but he lit up the house completely. We actually got him around the time I moved out, it's like he replaced me in a way


Sorry to hear about your cat or dog.




Cope? Bwahahaha

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serious answer is there’s not much you can do but push on

it’s going to hurt. a lot. every single day, possibly forever

but it gets easier, it hurts a bit less each time