Cosmetics are a problem

Cosmetics in this game have reached a point where they are interfering with the gameplay

There's too much different shit and it's hard to make split-second assessments about what's going on

They have been a problem for years and there should be an option to disable all cosmetics and play vanilla dotard

I remember watching an EG game a long time ago where Universe got hit by an invisible potm arrow that disappeared because of some weird graphical interaction with how it was layered underneath that rainbow puke enchantress impetus making it pretty much impossible to react to

Just another bullet point in the laundry list of reasons why this game is unplayable

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saw a stream briefly and the map/game looked like league and the game looks like a giant cartoon but i was told that was just the map that person had on
havent played since last july and dont regret it

Where can I sell my cosmetics guys

u can sell them on for instant paypal but the trade-off is kinda high or u can go on /r/dota2trade and try ur luck there

Back in the day some dude had a TF2 mod that hid every cosmetic in the game. it definitely boosted ur fps lol. calve didnt like it and it required an update every time they added more hats. i believe it became impossible to do when they stopped letting u do override vpk or going into pure servers with it.

what do you mean? there are no cosmetics on DUL.

If they had an option to remove cosmetics I might play games again.

Was about to do this but it takes two weeks. Wack

I sold all my cosmetics on the steam marketplace and bought games that I never played with all the profits.

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