Counter Strike: Source server

Any takers?

I will set 1 up

Source is trash...

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ill cshgo

csgo currently is full of actual children pretending to be high, saying the n word, and griefing each other

which is kind of the reason I play in the first place but it's especially awful right now

also valve's ruining yet another game with player skins. have fun trying to figure out what the fuck you're looking at in this split-second reaction-based shooter

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sorry i only play real games like fornite

If ur talking about player skins like team logos or colours on them. That would only be seen in observer mode.

I'm talking about players can actually have different skins for "terrorist" or "non-terrorist" which sometimes have fundamentally different color schemes or glance value making it harder to recognize them in split-second situations

And every other game valve has added cosmetics to the cosmetics have gradually pushed the boundaries of how much gameplay impact is acceptable until 10 yrs later the game is permanently fucked and they move on to poison the next cash cow

This is one of the reasons I quit DotA years ago. I would have been willing to pay for an option to have a completely vanilla experience.

However my qualms with it are not so much for TaCtiCaL considerations, as these kinds of florescent rainbow vomit color schemes that are so pervasive in many videogames today makes me nauseous.

To be fair though it's a fantastic business model where they're pocketing the lion's share of the profits on these digi-trash outfits without actually making any of them.

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Currently...? Looks like nothing has changed.

The counter-strike community has a long proud tradition of racism, dating back to its inception.

@yns thoughts

I would suggest moving to Esea where your lobbies are instead full of late teen or 20 somethings who are racist, hate you if you make a mistake, and will tilt immediately after losing pistol round

Set up a css server and put a bunch of mini game maps on it and let’s have a game night

me and the boys just join an empty mg server

I want to set up a nippermaps cs1.6 server

Do it

If you get a host where you can switch it for other stuff like l4d etc I'll s your d (no h) and help with it

i made this thread?