Couple of questions

Anyone got a hotline on kzz’s reddit account? appears to have been banned

Who out of:
Don Aman
That guy who was going to law school I don’t remember his name

post here?
Thanks for your help guys!

This is a spook; don’t interact with him.

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are any of the kaptenroberts actually kaptenrobert

Looks like kzz has been sucked in by the reddit machine

He’s posting about downvotes and shit

We all do. Casey is on occasionally. law school guy (jajaja) doesn’t. I’ve got don on steam, I should invite him back

Fuck off brian

Who is this?

It’s brian o’blivion

this is Ludwig Wittgenstein

Oh dope I always liked him

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donaman was really cool, i had him on steam for the longest time

i think i ask every month but where is airhogs, the music thread is lacking


Unfortunately Donnie has informed me he believes that his posting days are behind him

I still think airhogs is gonna make it here tho if he hasn’t already. Who knows.

Casey plays s truely astonishing amount of dota for a job haver.

Is he streaming?

Fuck I gotta finish this sidebar