Covid-19 Wave 2

Herd immunity GANG

catch a wave

Went out today and nobody was wearing masks.
Texas will have herd immunity in a few weeks.

Lmao herd immunity the antibodies last for a month and it’s constantly mutating


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this has never been empirically shown

Know what else hasn’t been empirically shown

Covid-19 herd immunity capabilities

Funny that

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ya were fucked this is basically the earth trying to counteract its own anthropogenic warming

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HeRd ImMuNiTy


The Earth would be be better off without humans.

Maybe dolphins will do better.

sperm whales should govern the planet


"fucking shitlord, why didn't u click ur spells? this crystal maiden is litterally a dumpster baby"

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Not sure about this. Also, the mutations don't matter: it rapidly mutates, but the variations are in the range of 2-3 base pairs.

But you're right that we'll never reach the numbers for herd immunity without millions dead. It's why we never did with smallpox or measles.

The only viable path for herd immunity is vaccination

Idk dude half of a tenth of a percent of the population got covid yesterday. If we just keep birth rates down in those pesky black people we should be herd immune before trump's 5th presidency

Idk dude ur a fuckin idiot

I know this is sarcastic, but like 85-95% of people need to immune. That's literally millions dead without a vaccine

yes millions of poor people

Millions of boomers dead lmao who cares

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We just let the boomers die so we can finally live in a utopia

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