CSGO Thread

wow pog!!!


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REALLY buggy and bad rn but hopefully it gets fixed soon

theres no way ppl play this mode by themselves, right

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how bad is it give it to me str8

It looks terrible I haven’t played it might play some this weekend just to see how bad it is. Looks like some shit someone could make in garrysmod. Really just seems to showcase how fucking old the source engine is honestly. The engine wasn’t even designed for big multiplayer maps anyways and it shows. 18 player battle royal wtf lol

Im just surprised Valve dropped artifact and this within a month

Just make half life 3 you goons no one cares anymore you got your money printer just conclude the story and you can make spinoff shit that people will probably buy and still enjoy

Make Team Fortress 3 or something lmao

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you know how it would turn out though

ok folks i’ve taken the time to play the csgo battle-royale and give you guys the inside scoop on whther or not u should play this New game

don’t, its fucking dog shit

yeah there’s no way Half life 3 will be any good

Then make more episodes gabe is just a big pussy

Didn’t hl3 get semi confirmed scrapped by the old writer or whatever posting a “non cannon” ending online? I can’t remember much but something along those lines

don’t even try it it’s not even worth reintsalling the game for.

I've just seen this mode. Will try to play it today. As I've read you ahve the ability to paly with top csgo players here. I'll show them my level) Maybe some yof you want to see how I can win in any situation so lets go.

I own CSGO but have never played it. I did once play 1.6 though.

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

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please come back

entry fragging in this game is so cancer now