Cuba #dota


Talking to Romanian stack that is going to play for plasma this coming dpc quali. They came to me and were all. It's 4 qualies how many do you want us to do. Aka they don't want to do all of them.

The Cubans want $150 a month for full time per player.

They euros I'm paying once every 3 months. A bit more then that. 900 euro. It's not full time.

For less $ I could pick up the Cubans contract them for full time once every 3 months and do all 4 qualies each time. In theory anyway.

I'm a huge proponent that if you sustain 5 monkeys in a room and have them play and practice Dota full time they gonna get really good.

Gonna dick around in Eu for a bit I think but the numbers are saying Castro and the boys

Romanians rank

Cubans rank

Nobody cares.

You are wasting your money on a "hobby" worse than online gambling.

Get a life.

I love my haters the most


I'm not a hater, I genuinely want the best for you.
If I was a "hater" I would pretend to care and egg you on like the rest of the people on this site.
You are simply being self-destructive and need help.

Meds. Now.

talk to theodore and lbj about the enabling

he does support 3rd world grass roots dota so it's not all bad. the need for attention on the twitter files is pretty cringe though

Twitter files?

What are you talking about 3rd world grass roots
I'm out here commiting human rights violations bitch

@LuckyArtist get in touch with one of your Yale contacts I need stronger embargo on Cuba to make the green back go further there

Depending on how you look at it. That's like $0.62 - $0.93 and hour to play

The price they quoted factors in $ they have to spend for internet. It's like a giant internet cafe there

I'm trying to run a sweat shop out here. Dunno what ur doi g with your life.

A tough job. Sweatshop workers in Bangladesh officially earn 92 US dollars per month. .

Ok. Reported. Hopefully you get banned and arrested.

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I'm a millionaire multi-business owner.

And ur telling me you wouldn't pay your employees Bangladeshi type sweat shop wages if you could?

Dota has no labour laws.

Give me $10,000 and I’ll look into it

No promises

The issue is how you allocate your mental space and energy for what seems to be no returns.
It's not even a matter of money, a person playing a fake slotmachine video game every day is still playing a slotmachine every day...


Csgo I make $ from and get free shit. Now I'm doing Dota. But Dota to be honest is more of a fuck you to everyone then anything else. And im making $ now. I get a free house when my dad dies. What do I care

Is this the same plasma from old nadota? The guy who always talked like a bro and trying to be a pro gamer/running a pro team?