Cuba #dota

Yeah he's fucked but he's with his wife. Honestly might be good in the end cost of living can be like $50 a month if he lies flat

I don't think it will happen. If I can get the cubans into dpc I'm laughing.

I'll be making documentaries with them as well since it's so cheap

I wanted to ask you. What topic would you like to see explored in the docs. If you have any questions that need answering

Personally idc a doc I don’t even watch true sight

well fuck

In Cuban region qualies for Chilean lan thing. They won yesterday. Next match is tonight 11:30pm est

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Won last night too

@Sammyboy hahahahahaha


Plasma would absolutely own slaves if given the chance

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Just sex slaves

Thats arguably worse

my guy doesn't even have a discord avatar

cuz im an og

i might fire these cubans at end of the month and go to romania. They being lazy commies

gg done they refuse to work out bunch of β– β– β– β– 

sponsor @insom 's team. he makes content it will be great for the brand

he would probably do it for some of those cup noodles you used to hawk

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Oh fuck off


fucken LOVE cup noodles