cult 8p signup

  • 1 Cult Recruiter

  • 0 or 1 Inquisitor (Investigates nightly, gets a result of "cult" for the recruiter or any cultist including the one recruited the night of the investigation)

  • 0 or 1 Alarmist (Protects a player from recruitment, can't self-protect, only cult is notified if the recruitment fails)

  • 5-7 Townies

Additional rules:

  • Day start
  • The Town gets one lynch Day 1 and two lynches a day for the rest of the game.
  • The pro-Town power roles can be recruited, but any recruit who dies has their original role revealed as well (e.g. "Cultist, was Inquisitor")

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Signed Players

Sign the Fuck up you cucks

@mafiabot sign

@mafiabot sign

@mafiabot .s

24/12t for day/night ?


and yeah that sounds good i just might move it around to accommodate myself/other USers

@mafiabot sign

@mafiabot sign

almost signed but then i realized only goyclub has signed


Do you start at weekend or after?

whenever i get the signs

@wastrel hello whoru

@SOPHIE no ones signing a goyclub game

Nobody's signing a game full stop because mafia is dead on the site.