Cultivating an Optimal Form Culture / Community II Moving Forward from J


  1. Starting Off


It’s no surprise to most members here that we came here from the remnants of For those who may recognise me from the old site (was breaking-bad and repeatedly ghost-wrote posts for nmagane) - I could see a clear downward trajectory in the online climate. This ultimately led to J abandoning the site due to a fight with moderator bees. This new site however - has added features I have been advocating for almost a year now. Last bump - showing when people are typing and likes add a different aspect to the culture and creates a more - for lack of better words (not that articulate today was a heavy day in work) - tight knit family (methodologically at least).

I think it’s important that - in order to attract new customers to our website, we try to come off as “welcoming”. I put welcoming in quotes as a lot of our charm (if you would call it that…) actually comes from our bitterness hahaha! Our cynical outlook and pessimistic conversational habits gave us a cult status in the old DoTa community therefore it’s essential to maintain this unique status but also make it less exclusive and extensively uneducated furthermore. I think the forum is in dire need of MORE board games other than mafia to contrast some of our roughness with actual bonding allowing people to get a taste for our cultural online impact whilst still accepting new members. Thats my thoughts and I was right about what would happen to the old site. J has said on numerous occasions he couldn’t attract enough customers was server hosting and we need a more optimal community.

Just my two cents (pence in latter

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you saw J say something? wow dude never saw that m’self

Anyone wanna play wow

I would enjoy playing Vanilla WoW on that new realm that’s up but my friends and I are busy with work. :disappointed:

I’m a level 8 troll.

Very happy to hear that.

One day I aspire to learn defensive stance.

I think we do need more forum games as the userbase usually enjoys roleplay/adventure games on this site.

I’d host a play by post dnd game.

Make the thread!

If people would play.

please kill your self big Benny

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For an admin he was ridiculously communicative. It’s a shame what happened in the final days of the site but at least he kept us in the know

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You know it’s going to be a good one when he’s been typing for five minutes now haha!

I think that’s a glitch on your end that’s the 2nd time you’ve made that post when I haven’t been typing

Well nobody else seems to be experiencing this “glitch” as you have put it.

I really enjoy our data compared to some ridiculously funded websites I’ve worked on. Our 30 user base generates more traffic then some of the sites I’ve worked on.

Well nothing helps a long day at the office more than some socializing hahaha