CulturedUrbanite VideoGame Selects.

Yeah I knew you'd pick up something. Hope it was good.

Can't really afford to scope down when we also need to pay for HRT.


Hormone replacement therapy

HRT is an essential business expense in every indie studio.


A hormone replacemust if you will



3beating a dead horse and also cringey but could you consider doing some stuff in the future like
Press R to reset, Enter/space to Continue, show 2 buttons on victory: Next (green) And Retry (black)

Already in.

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ah okay it def helps with the dang camping one

This is also already in so Idk why youre saying it

Seems to me like youre trolling


no when i played yesterday when i was successful id brainlessly click that bottom button which normally would take you to the next puzzle but that button would instead restart me. I figured out I had to press the right arrow to do the next one. I'm probably just dumb :)

i wouldnt troll on these things, just trying to help

You pressed the button that said "Retry" thinking it'd take you to the next game yes

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Yeah you made the Call to Action retry on a successful screen when no puzzle game does that

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It's not a puzzle game it's a mafia game.

If you're not getting the best rank you should retry. Although maybe it should be hidden if you do.

The rank system is still incomplete regardless, it will be incorporating dustforce style progression.

Guess I won't play until the Dustforce system is in place as it would be pointless to try otherwise.