Vanilla Town - Singleplayer Mafia

Welcome to the future of Singleplayer Mafia. Vanilla Town pushes the limits of what it truly means to be a mafia game. Exploring never before seen setups, mechanics, and systems
Discover what lies beyond the noose.

v0.1 features 15 "setups" with different rules and mechanics.
Total play time should be under 20 minutes, depending on player experience.
All feedback, questions and suggestions are welcome.
First member to complete all S Ranks gets a special reward. ;)
Play now here: Vanilla Town by jilsen


i clicked
my computer is no more gg

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B ranks? Embarassing.

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Update: @Von could not get all S ranks

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Nice. I will give it a try tomorrow or the next day

Got the level 10 dethy one in two days.
S tier.

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Not sure why my thread is being hijacked by the soviet union.

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Progress so far

I am going for the special prize.

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@JCrispy is ahead of you so far.

Beat by Jcrispy? Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!

He has 8 out of 15 S-ranks.

I'm quite confident he'll fail when he reaches the harder stages.

Why no rank on 7?

Traumatic for me

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@big_ass If you went camping with a friend, and woke up with a used condom in your ass, would you tell anyone?