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for random opinions on current events (no politics and no garbage - try to stick to random minimally interesting topics)

formerly titled: Current Drake Drama: Grooming or Not Grooming?

share opinions in here

my opinion is he’s grooming and it’s creepy and weird

the dude plays fortnite of course he fucks kids

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Current What?

video removed by jack dorsey what a fuckin bitch nvm

Drake is a faggot

drake wouldn’t do such a thing

Yea this looks really bad

The I miss u more thing is pretty weird


Man I didn’t get to c it


The video prb posted is rehosted down that thread

Honestly scrolled thru a few times n couldn’t find it. Must be me

drake needs to take care of his baby smh

Didn’t he offer to take the test, what happened with that

nah drake is innocent.

I am transforming this into a general Current Events thread where you can talk about anything and spew opinions on random things

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