Currently watching "High Life" Starring Robert Pattinson

They're in a spaceship, there's gravity, Robert P opens the doors of the spaceship like he's opening his car doors. And throws stuff outside and they all fall down.

What's worst of all is this whole thing is structured like an alternative film with slow plot progression and artsy shots.

What the fuck, whenever someone makes me watch a movie it's always some worse shit, shit just keeps getting worse.

Quick reddit search turned up masturbation scenes and rape scenes.

Just fuck you, fuck you to whoever funds this garbage shit

Oops -„Äč Trainspotting monologue, turns out theuly were convicts that got shot to space

'Constant accelaration creates artifical gravity."

Yeah robert, that makes sense. I'm convinced about that now.

Maybe i need a woman in my life, maybe then i'll stop being an angsty bitch fuck. Maybe.

Partner decided to skip to the end when i informed him about the heterosexual rape scenes, he got terribly anxious and uncomfortable, think he might be gay or something.

I rate this movie higgsboson/10

nah just be less angsty today