Curse of Strahd - Out of Character Discussion

will get everything set up this weekend

i’m going spellcaster

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Good we didn’t have one yet

Just wanted to bump this in preparation for tomorrow. The game thread will go live when I get to work in the am. The game thread is for in-character discussion only.

If you have any generic questions pm me or use this thread. If you need to table talk, use this thread. You can only talk to each other in character in the game thread.

Can’t wait to play.

going to work now im probably not going to respond for a bit to give everyone else a chance to read up.

Anyone else who’s reading and not playing should feel free to react along with me. Reminder to press the bottom Left button on the react list when you’re viewing the little modal to access the custom emoticon reactions. one day Ill get around to making it hide emojis or put them behind the custom ones, who gives a shit about those anyways lol

Oh and if you haven’t figured it out cuz ur jdance or some shit reactions are the smiley button on the bottom right of a post

@theGreatWingdingi first warning. You cannot attack other players. Also there is no one there named nmagane.

Ok. My bad.

so right now we’re all sitting at a tavern together?


Damn it’s going to be hard remembering each one of your names. Especially you elf fuckers

Yeah it is quite a large party. I tried to say who everyone was in the first post.

My name is KrazyKat spelled backwards.

I noticed

Just a warning but my character is never going to help out in the decision making process because he has dicks for brains. He is going to do whatever he feels like and is fine with walking to his death. We could have all died had jones not mentioned leaving at night was a disaster

Is nyte’s character a girl?

How do you make a roll check, or call for one?

Is there supposed to be a Map or am I getting ahead of myself