anyone got any forum gold? this ■■■■■■ njaguar "Paul" Paulborg banned me with 11k forum gold for no fuickin reason, can you help a :casey: out?


Reddit gold?



How did you get banned?

How much FG will I get for 10 exalts (betrayal softcore)

Is setting up a fleet of d2 seasonal bots worth it?

if you enjoy diablo 2 then sure. im setting up a few kolbots right now.

i pissed off the owner of the site

why would you post there over here casey

is it because theres more people to get @casey s from, or does it have like a circus of broodstars

im not posting there im trying to get forum gold so i can buy some diablo 2 items

If that’s true I’m p sure if you sincerely apologized he’s unban you, njag is a cool dude.

what makes you say that? ive been a member since 2005, he is a piece of shit