Daily TODO #FIXME thread

  1. Test Cases for Vector That Actually Hit Edge Cases And Aren’t 2 * -1.
  2. Investigate this README.ENGINE file in OpenSSL.


  1. Cryptor.
  2. Open Appel Paper (Do Not Read) For Billionth Time


  1. PORT


  1. Eat More Than One Meal Today.
  2. Think Up Clever Ways To Post In the Mafia Game After Hours And Feign Stupidity
  3. Continue To Hone NewFound Mania; Channel Into Proverbial Sun Content.


  1. Don’t Do Any Of This.
  2. Continue to Dumpster JDance Over The Forum With Verbal Prowess and Wit.

More Important Than The Birth of My Child:

Monitoring /pol/ and /g/ for threads on Tor where someone mentions “traffic correlation attacks” so I can call them uneducated and a moron.

I am giggling like a mad genius.

Just done with a skate: my six hour Intermittent fasting window has just opened so going to make a spinach and kale omelette. After that will write for a while.

is this the new blog thread

It’s lowercase

  1. KLEE
  1. smoke some weed
  2. do a kick flip
  1. Abolish ICE
  2. Burn the prisons down

No weed but will be attempting a kick flip.

  1. brag about volunteering to posture myself as a good person

Um, quote voted!!!

  1. kill pigs
    kill nigs

A kick flip?


  1. STP

Going to try and get HIV today

  1. Secure asymmetry and deployability for decoy routing systems