dan literally has liked five to six of my posts in the last 30 minutes

he’s just browsing random fucking threads and liking my posts from 14 hours ago

he’s acutally reading the fucking threads and the scrollback

fucking loser nerd


I’m looking into this abuse of liking power.

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i was reading that thread for the first time

dont give yourself too much credit

i mean why do you care, i literally dont even notice when people like shit

i think you can silence notificatiosn from me as well and youre welcome to idc, it’s in your preferences

he basically worships you


We should talk again on teamspeak ■■■ - been a while since you’ve logged on.

epokofficer dumbfuck


Nov 17

No thanks, dont see any value in that unless jones is there and is a part of the conversation.

nobody else is interesting to me but that doesnt mean im head over heels, id talk to a lot of people

the point is that when I see/read the notification i imagine you in the dark huddled over your fagbook air screen giggling over me verbally abusing some insect vagary

i dont care what you like or dont like, i do not care what you do or dont do, i care about these thoughts ending up in my fucking head

it is an overt trespass into my minds eye

just stop posting things he would like

because i dont care what he does or doesnt like, im literally unable to do that

you arent the sharpest pin the drawer

Look at this. the way he sees you is disrespectful

Don’t post zoo animal comedy posts for him to like - therefore you wouldn’t have to deal with him liking your posts.

You’re “interessting” to him - just stop being interesting

zoo animal? that’s funny coming from the nigger

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  • tool drum beats in third eye *

I’m not calling you that I’m just saying that that’s how they perceive you when you think youre “verbally pwning” [sic.] someone

Sic in square brackets is an editing term used with quotations or excerpts. It means “that’s really how it appears in the original.”

The way you express irony makes me wish I could vomit on command

brain dead