Dan's GF

She’s right

You’re all losers


did dan’s gf post here?

note to the unfunny posters: do not make the joke about “calling the kettle black for “being dan’s gf”” or some garbage like that (“at least I’m not dan’s gf, that’d make me a real loser”, variations); the real joke is to compare her body figure to the unseemly, ill-formed, and continual changing css and ask if her wardrobe consists of navy blues on top of surgical whites paired with maroon reds, because well, dan likes her

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i haven’t perfected the comparison between some dumb fucking woman’s wardrobe and some dumb fucking jew(?)'s near medically diagnosable color theory impairment but know this, my R&D team is working through the night.

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Pics or didnt happen

Small edit

My dentist would always talk about his colorblindness (he never specified which kind) from him being an ashkenazi man thing and I don’t trust that honeslty


He’s an Ashkenazi person.

i am looking to get an interview with dans gf. we will see where this goes.


While Judaism is matrilineal colorblindness disproportionately affects males


the people have spoken

Just got off the phone with Dan’s GF. Very eye opening. Epok is CANCELLED

why would your eyes be opened if you were using the phone which uses sound

I am better at metaphor now

Minds eye


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