Dark Style Users

Post here or PM me if u want to get added to a private convo where we figure out what Dark Style needs to look like

No non-darkies allowed ty

“Current dark style is fine” is also a valid opinion

im down for this. good info to know is what you guys like in the light skin since it’s pretty good minus a few things (like the emoji being big in stupid areas like topic header/category/latest topics view)

as per what roragok requested of me any dark changes will go into a separate selectable Dark skin and will be incremental :slight_smile:

If there’s any user currently using Dark-1 or Dark-2 and actually enjoying it we should find that user and make sure we don’t ruin his forum experience

otherwise I just want to get everybody’s feedback so that any changes I suggest aren’t just my own opinions being forced on everyone else

idk theres a lot of changes in my css i’d consider the forum to be ruined without

every emoticon is locked to 40x40, there are no user colors, post backgrounds dont alternate etc. i should actually run through and figure out which things i wrote are pretty indispensable and then fix them up, like the emoji thing to just bring them over to dark 2 right away.

I’m using the old dark.

as long as i can rename mine to dark and yours to old dark once its good im cool w dat. youre fine with those blurry ass icons?

I’m using dark style :/

Alright so 3 people

light power

dark user here ama


non-darkies get out

Only dark theme user

kill whitey

dark style user here

I’m gonna copy over the username styling so people can see my gold username. It’s really important.

Not yet



Inviting people to poll

If you have it in a little chat window click the arrow thing in the top right so you can view it as a full page

Otherwise it will be impossible to view the images