Dark Triad


I’ve got a dark triad for you right here

@jones, is this a correct description of a dark triad man?

I want to read the 9 laws but I refuse to go on Facebook

I am a dark triad man

This seems racist against Chinese.

his door bell goes ding dong, his daughter’s name is ling long, his favorite game is ping pong, BUT DONT YOU FUCKING DARE SAY CHING CHONG.

Can I get a one paragraph summary on this

It’s right here

Is cussedness a word?

It is now

sounds like something a baptist pastor would be fed up with in his sermon

I’m a bit confused as I thought Wintermute was a PRIMARCH of “DARK TRIAD” behavior, and that it consists of being an overweight, jobless social outcast who spends their more than ample amount of free time doxing the men he eternalenvies on namafia.com and scouring the dark webz for that perfect collage of child pornography with which to frame their supposed downfall he’s been maniacally orchestrating in between hentai jerkoff sessions

Good point

Is this jones?