darkbyte here,

hey guys

darkbyte here,

iv been away a long time but its fantastic to see nadota still kicking,

the discussion on here seems vibrant as ever

and i cant wait to start contributing




oh nvm if darkbyte is who i think darkbyte was (surreal af thread full of random pics presumably mostly taken by him but likely not) his thread was the best on nadota for sure

git bash terminal spotted

that shit is terrible on windows

windows is terrible in general

ya. i used to use it back in the day tho

welcome back

@darkbyte welcome back. love your random interesting pics.

hey )

WB bud, real dB!

Have a nice stay

Feels nice to be wanted

@darkbyte please hack Trump and get him impeached . I know you can do it.

is that an anime avatar on the whatsapp clingy person

I see youre already a high enough trust level to see the lounge with more personal threads but feel free to post in members pictures there. I gave you whack it shack access so if you got anything particularly saucy you can post it in ur own thread there or w/e

Discourse can be a little confusing to use feel free to pm me qs

It’s not confusing.

Agreed its not confusing it just fuckin sucks

DArkbyte here


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Has he been me too'd yet?

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