Day 2 - Don't play this set up it's bad


After short and uneventful day 1 town wakes up to a death of Iaafr, he was a just a villager.


Alive Players

electrowizard, bazingaboy, osiris, LuckyArtist, DiendaMahdik, gwez, Friend, ian.

Day start at 04:30PM eastern in 50 minutes. Bot is broke so @ me your lynches.
Day end at 11:00PM eastern Saturday or I am willing to grant an extension if desired.

well @ian who u gonna shoot

@bazingaboy claim your role

Or don't. But cop should claim if they weren't roleblocked IMO

How about you reevaluate the game and give some reads

ima just sheep you so im scum is my read

I never called you scum

@faz vote extension

kk in that case im not scum but i do need to reevaluate the gameg and give some reads

i think bazinga and osiris are the scum

lotta people thought ewiz was scum but id ont see it as much

you guys started a bit too soon, wait 15 more minutes please.

Fuck you

The day 2 has started


So was iaafr killed because he was sussing the scum or because he wasn’t sussing the scum


Mafia has no day chat


well i townread osiris now and i am town, so youre probably wrong on both = friend scum

If 5 players like this post I will extend day 2 to sunday 10pm.