Day 4 - Don't play this set up it's bad

Somebody know's how to take care of business...osiris the cop was found dead with a smile on his face.



Alive Players


Day 4 has started


so whats everyones role

What's yours

It's autowin we just need claims I shoot one cc we lynch the other

@Friend @gwez claim

ok fine im just VT. hooker knows the real bl*cksmith anyway cause they presumably blocked them from saving ciop

shoulda trusted your gut and shot ewiz d1

(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 4380 hours unless flagged)

friend + ewiz both doubted your original sheriff claim and voted you d1

im the blacksmith. i armored osiris the last two days.

so i guess i was roleblocked last night?

you already blew your shot dude

so now we wait for @gwez to claim VT or blacksmith then we know who to vote between

tbh not sure, both of them have things going against them.

hopefully gwez ccs my VT so I dont have to think too hard

yea im pretty sure its bazingaboy lmao look at this fish.

I hate you

i ALREADY CLAIMED vt at the end of d3 and you KNEW THAT

your mafia and i'm going to the gym

@faZ lynch bazingaboy

@faz vote gwez

ok friend time to realize uve been wrong all game and to invert your reads to come to the correct conclusion