Dead to me

this is the weirdest namafia post

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I havent read any of it

Op probably needs to stop doing drugs and go on a three month long hike or something

he's just a chinkoid. I told him to return to the middle kingdom like 9 months ago.

Ironstove read Atlas Shrugged

If you can't be happy in america, I do not think leaving the country will make you happy.

It sounds to me like you're upset that you are in a social context that does not share your values, but I think its pretty presumptive that you will nail it and perfectly move to some place that does match your values.

Been travelling for nine months now and KL was my favorite city through all of my travels so far and probably the only place I've been that I would consider moving to. If I spoke Russian Almaty would be a close second place imho.

You should go for it the foods amazing and there's been like barely any inflation so it's still very affordable.


This dead to me silent treatment shit is wack tho. I feel like that is shit that teenagers on tiktok recommend for "toxic" people in your life and is extremely immature.


What's the mature thing to do then from your point of view?

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has fun plx :smiley:

Just be a mature well adjusted person. Draw boundaries but give people chances and look for the best in other people. Be the best version of yourself and lead by example. Act in a way that will make you proud of yourself 5-10 years out.

Your instincts can't be "if someone crosses me they are dead forever". That is how BPD girls process emotions


Embarrassing how long it took me to realize you meant Kuala Lumpur but bro

Regardless of your outlook and whatnot if you're a frequent drug addict I don't think moving to Malaysia is ever the correct move (unless you're trying that hard to leave drug use behind -- in which case I still wouldn't recommend it incase you relapsed)

There's so many places in America that you could live that would check your boxes. If you leave America you'd still have to file federal taxes and shit or relinquish your citizenship, which also seems really stupid.

I guess if you plan on never working again it'd be fine to move somewhere less prosperous, but if you did have to work eventually it would make sense to live where you'd work for the best pay (unless you like dealing with awful timezone bullshit)

I will say it's alarming how many more of these "leave it all behind" thoughts I see on a regular basis from the same people who seem the most equipped to make change today. I'm starting to think friend communes where you work remotely are gonna be a lot more common in the future

America is extremely racist against asian americans and not being in a friend circle to isolate me from reality isn't really a solution so much as a bandaid.i know it's racist everywhere, but I want to live somewhere they're not haters on asians. I would like to live on the other side and be part of the mob carrying pitch forks, and not the one being chased. Tired of living in a country like that and having people turn around with a straight face and say its not that bad LMFAO

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How bad has the Asian racism really been and does it have anything to do with where you live

Not to dismiss your experiences but it's crazy how many Asian pockets exist. Like I have a buddy in the kinda NC boonies where there's apparently a pretty big Korean population.

regardless of it all, people will still find some way to baselessly judge the cover of your book anyways because we're human and reductionists. Move somewhere foreign and you'll be discriminated on part of being an entitled American who thinks he can go wherever he pleases. At least discrimination here is something that isn't fully accepted

I was referring more to my family. I've given my mom many chances to change her habits but she refuses to cut her expenses but still expects me to support her because I'm her son. I realized she will never change and I'm being an enabler by constantly begging her to make changes and still giving her money so I basically decided I don't want to live my entire life having someone hanging onto me to stay afloat in the ocean. I don't want this existence and I never asked for it or to be born. To have my entire fucking life based on being a support pillar for someone is fucking miserable when I had no say in it.

Anyway, sink or swim now. I really don't care. She has to figure it out on her own. They all do. People say the same shit, give another chance. Bro I've given 800 so why bother you really think after the last 799, one more chance is gonna matter?

Maybe I'm immature, but my family is immature. I can't work with them. They're like fucking children who don't listen and have attitudes and entitlement issues. Like fuck it man, let it rot.

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I had a talk about racism in America and basically my point is that America is more racist against an Asian male than kula lumpur so I think I'm going to be happier there because I will be treated better

Lol you have no idea what it's like to be an Asian guy in America, it's not fun but most people don't talk about it because Asian culture is all about the suck it up mentality bur I realize now there's no reason to suck it up and accept shit you don't like when there are better options available and you're not a bad person for choosing them

In my years of traveling, I often go to rural areas by myself, goto
To restaurants and bars or tried to before I just got tired of it all after a really bad experience that almost got violent

I'd like to just walk around and not have people say hey Mr chinaman are you lost and do you need help to read the signs? Lol like I want to live in a place where people don't even think that and I am a fucking everyman who blends in like a Waldo background

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Yeah I don't wanna minimize those experiences. Can't imagine them personally. Ive been treated racistly where I live and easily disregard them cuz my white brain says "I'm more cultured than these dumb ducks and they're making an ass of themselves anyways" but that's easy to say when I generally get zero prejudice