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Just finished danganronpa 1 looking forward to playing the trilogy on my switch when it drops in December. Easy recommend to people who wanna experience a quality mystery game. On sale for 24hr

Umineko is based, highly agatha Christie inspired. Cult classic as you can tell by the meme reviews, but it is a VN, and it is ridiculously long.

I prefer the superclassic version without the VA or PS3 graphics but you can change to them. Only thing you're missing is the weeb text font there.

Throne of lies for an honorable mention. I miss playing this with @gwez @bazingaboy @sdadasdas and co. Looks like it's gotten a lot of updates.

tol is completely dead so you cant play it

1 is def the best. play 999 and vlr. i made some sick posts on old nadota wish they survived the purge

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dangan 1 is the best? i've heard the opposite from most. they said the ultimate students later are more entertaining and that the game kinda opens up a bit more

I feel like some of the mechanics improve but the story just gets more fucking anime weird. If that's your thing. I enjoyed em all tho.

999 still king. Vlr good but weirder.

new amogus update added a few roles so you can fakeclaim now

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For me it's 2 > 1 > 3. I liked the beach setting and the characters and it got me the most invested. Third one gets way too convoluted and I hate the twist at the end. But they're all great games.

i wish to play amongus


2 is good just way fucking weird. Loved it don't get me wrong but weird and mega mega anime.