~deep rock galactic~

early access but doesn’t feel like early access, grabbed it for $18 during the summer sale

fun as hell but i’m not really sure how to describe it, you basically throw 1-4 beer loving dwarves into a procedurally generated cave that may be huge or small, and complete the mission using teamwork (each class has abilities to help u get the shit you need/stay alive) while not getting eaten by alien swarms

also it’s very dark

this looks like a lot of fun! ill have to pick it up to play, im always looking for good local coop games that arent 2d pixelated indieiudosnhvn

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worse vermintide tbh

to each their own, i’ve had 2 vermintide players tell me outright not to buy it when i asked them about it a month ago. to compare DRG to other games “similar” to itself, it’s already much more original, replayable, and generally fun than left 4 dead and killing floor, though their playstyles are quite diff

The original Killing Floor mod for UT2k4 was amazing

do it

i dont think there’s “local” play though


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they did 2 of these updates so far Good game, need more peeps to play with