Defeat the Goy Club (Community Event)

We all know a group of unruly users known as "The Goy Club" has been a problem on this forum for a long while. Many moderators have tried to remove them - all unsuccessful (losers). After some discussion in the mod backroom, I have agreed to take on this task for end-of-year this year and will be running a series of events to try to remove them from the forum.

For the first of these, I am setting up a bounty system for a pick-up-game or series of pick-up-games in which you (the forum's normal, sane users) will try to defeat them in their current game of choice: Defending of The Ancients.

The bounties are as follows: A series of items which will yield points; a score multiplier for which member of the goy club the action has been visited upon. (WORKING LIST - OPEN TO FURTHER SUGGESTIONS)


  1. Gank a goy club member during laning stage: 100 points
  2. Tower kill: 125 points
  3. Win teamfight: 250 points
  4. Cause extended argument in Teamspeak channel: 300 points
  5. Cause Goy Club Member to abandon the game: 600 points
  6. N-word in voice chat (700 points)

Multipliers (Based on Skill Level)

Jones: .9
Toprak: .8
Nmagane: 1.0
Jcrispy: 0 (Not goy club)
Chris: -.5 (negative points - antigamer)
Robert: 1.6 (Rare Pokemon Bonus)
Lemon: 1.7 (Special bounty system applies - see footnotes)
Brendan: 5.0

These scores will be adjusted if we find the skill levels are not accurate.

Goy Club has graciously agreed to participate with the understanding that these are in the tradition of NADota's old-school ban bets - at the end of the series, the losers of the tournament will be banned from the website.

With that out of the way, our first activity will be to find 5 people on the website who still play the game. (My own training begins today - I will play a series of ramp-up games to understand what is a "Neutral Item" "Primal Beast" etc and will let you know what I find out). Please sign up in the thread below if you would like to participate.

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First warm up game will start in a minute once i Have downloaded the Update(last played according to steam: Aug 2020)

didnt read the thread

Sorry jones said im not goyclub

OK What the Fuck is this !


OK you can join the anti-goy club squad and earn points

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I nominate @casey as our champion.

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Casey theodore numeta lbj wingdingi + coach plasma

whats my skill multiplier

I only play custom games these days.
We could play some games of DotaRun.
Had some great times playing this mod with GrandGrant and friends.

i prefer brood war's dodge the rapist

lets go



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Ive never lost a lan


If you want attention, you can just start your own twitch stream and get the moderators to add it to the sidebar: it's free to make an account.

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Why was i signed out??

Updated the scores per comments above

Also added a new bounty after watching the Zeus vod

Dont you have better wtuff to do??