Just take a look at @q0q15’s post history it’s the same thing.

Just kidding hahaha (he doesn’t want me to publicly talk about it).
I think you could just find what you’re looking for with a pastebin search.

this thread can be deleted now

No don’t delete it.

We can discuss the contents of the pastebin with @jones.

What did I miss?

Just check the edit history

ngl tho the fact that the thread where this was posted is lost forever is fucking tragic

If @SOPHIE contacted J we could bring the real forum back - but he’s too obsessed with having power it would never happen.

wait who were u on nadota

I used the accounts jacob, brendan, Lycan, wishIwasanoscarmeyermemer, and KZZ (temporarily).

well i know one of htose pepole



You’re pathetic dude.

its probably less pathetic to look up the log 2 years later than to accept 711 from some creeper

but none of it matters now anyways

You gonna takebthat, @jones?

Chippi chippi