Delivery app ghost restaurant

What if i sold sandwiches and freedom fries from my kitchen in my apartment weekend nights through ubereats and other delivery apps as a ghost restaurant?

Dunno how it is there but you’d still have to register a business license/permit to be able to resell those things, here

Oh yeah would have to do that.

Maybe sell peanut butter sandwiches :D

Have to have like a special permit to sell shit that’s preserved (no cooking) too.
Otherwise your kitchen and shit have to be inspected and up to commercial code.

In California, at least

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i just have to have a clean kitchen and i should be fine i think to make peanut butter sandwiches for 2$ a pop

Innovation of the gamer

french fries*

Market it as gamer food

glazed donuts

GAMER glaze donuts

was thinking something along those lines, could be pushing it xD. Would work in tandem with the people i sell stickers to around here lol

pecan pies

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thats where i got the idea from