Dethy Mafia Day 1

Dethy Mafia Day 1

There is a bad cop in the town. He wants to kill all the good cops and take control of the city.
The good cops are angry. On this day, things will change. Time to break the blue shield and get rid of this guy.
And if that doesn’t work, do your job and investigate everyone.

Role PM’s:

Bad Cop: You are a Bad Cop. Barring Night 0 which is a Cop Headstart, you may use your nightkill on any night.

Good Cop: You are a Good Cop. Each night phase, you may investigate one player. You do not know your sanity.

Investigation results:

You investigated XXX. He is a Good Cop.

You investigated XXX. He is a Bad Cop.

Reminder to please read the rules if you have not played before.
Break the rules, and Zeus will strike you down. :zeus:

Day 1 Start

Players Alive

5 Players Alive - Majority Lynch is 3

Day 1 will last until 8/21 at 10pm EST or a majority lynch is reached.

If no majority is reached, the person with the most votes will be lynched, unless No Lynch gets the most votes.

If I am not around at end of day any lynches/unlynches after majority or after day ends will be ignored.

If I am not around at end of day you may continue to chat in the twilight until I post Day Over. Stop Posting.

Benny and NMA post your things first please. Team leader alpha commander here

I’m the cop btw

my result:


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Being cute in my game will not be tolerated, private

lynch bazingaboy

Insubordination is punishable by death lynch jones

I have green result on bazinga

Bazinga u need to post your result

I’m not posting my result until benny or nma post theirs as they can reverse engineer our results to make a fake claim. As the highest ranking officer here I reserve that privilege

Yes but u could also be holding your claim so that you can engineer your result last

Every player should enter with a claim and aside from that we don’t need to talk about much else

I think the better strategy is actually holding onto results until tomorrow (unless we are lynching today). It’s much harder to fake results two nights in a row. You’re also going to get killed first tonight as you’re 100% town cleared for posting your result first. Thank you for your sacrifice

I posted my result first; I am town cleared.

You’ll be cleared when you’re dead, traitor.

Yes I’ll claim, of course.

Any red results?


I post my results of course.
Hyena wheeze and whimper can be heard after you look away