Dethy Mafia Day 2

I’m holding result because I thought I was cleared and dont want to make it easier for someone to fakeclaim

Your mafia play is atrocious as per usual.

I am the highest winrate town player on the site. You are just trolling and throwing the game because that is what you like to do.

No I’m not you’re leying.

You’re literally trolling me right now

I’m not, how could I troll mafiascum ?

I should have expected this from a 3 goy club game LoL!

Pathetic excuse. You’ve basically already given up as scum Hm? You conceded?

Yeah Im leaving this thread lol you guys are ridiculous

Concede! Concede!

Oh youll be leaving alright on a silver platter hahaha!

My result is green on nmagane and I dont really care which of you it is

Well that’s clearly a lie.

If its nma then im just assuming benny threw for him and not playing with u two again

You’re head will be leaving the thread on a silver platter.

What do you mean?

Fucking clowns

I’ve already town-cleared nmagane.