Dethy Mafia Day 2

Day 2 Start

The cops wake up to find everyone still alive.

Players Alive

4 Players Alive - Majority Lynch is 3

Day 2 will last until 8/22 at 10pm EST or a majority lynch is reached.

Red read on jones too. I’m Paranoid cop or whatever its called. Always red read.
lynch Wintermute

Bigbenny would never no kill if he was mafia. 50/50 I’m willing to take on wintermute.

It’s objectively wrong to no-kill in this setup.

I’m sharing my result last today. Please share your results when you enter.

That’s wrong your mafia.

Red result on Jones. Jones is mafia.

I got green result last time so I can’t be the paranoid cop.

What was your read?


lynch Jones

I wouldn’t be so sure as I enjoy toying and testing players.

Very unfortunate - but alas it is 50/50.

Outside of Logic games - I believe it’s more likely for Wintermute to no kill.

Had Bazingaboy given out his read it wouldn’t of been 50/50. It’s quite curious that his friend came off as scum intentionally and then didn’t reveal his read just after Epok dropped out of the game. Do you think Epok told him to do that in an attempt to cast off some pot-shots at us due to his humiliating four game day 1 death streak?

lynch @intermute

lynch Wintermute

Lynch Wintermute

Killing last night eliminates 1 of the cop results for the day making today essentially a toss-up.

I am cleared. You guys need to not stack votes on me before Jones shares his result

It already is a toss up. Your lyeing and not posting your result on purpose.