Dethy Mafia: Good cop, bad cop Day 3

The cops wake up to find the everyone still alive.

Players Alive

4 Players Alive - Majority Lynch is 3

Day 3 will last until 10/6 at 9pm EST or a majority lynch is reached.

My read is green on Big ass, meaning that I am the sane cop (or mafia).

Therefore: @LuckyArtist is cleared

Pass another day?

We will have to nolynch again if nobody else gets cleared...

I dont think your cleared according to my reads

That's impossible.

My read is red on JCrispy which means I am always red cop or JCrispy is cleared

Jcrispy is the mafia though

@krazykat vote nolynch

We need to get Lucky Artist's read first.

@krazykat vote nolynch

Does anyone have better than a B rating on Dethy in single player mafia to tell us what to do here?

S tier here.
No comment.

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You'll give JCrispy advice on what to do but not me?

"Use the Force, Neo."

  • Gandalf

i got vanilla as town

vanilla town as good cop

i feel like jcrispy is mafia
he just hard locks the game into no lynch and no kill

anyways, @KrazyKat vote nolynch

Unfortunately it doesn't seem like the game is solved yet.