Dethy Mafia: Good cop, bad cop Day 4

The cops wake up to find the everyone still alive.

You have investigated every living player.

Players Alive

4 Players Alive - Majority Lynch is 3

Day will last until a majority lynch is reached.

Fight club rule number seven: Fights Will Go On As Long As They Have To.


End this now.

big ass is good cop
i am always good cop

@KrazyKat nolynch

I have no results.

Unfortunately this game is not solvable...

@KrazyKat vote @Vanilla_Town

I think you will get some on the next day

Lets go next

I got red on lucky, red on every player, useless cop

@KrazyKat vote @big_ass

No no - this game is actually unsolvable. Some games just come down to 50/50 due to misplay by the players.

im naive cop
u guys are bad

You are towncleared. It doesn't matter.

u guys are bad

if big ass is paranoid
and sophie is insane
and im naive
then you need to place a fuckin vote


If the game state doesn’t move forward by lunch tomorrow I’m posting a screenshot of my role pm

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Can you post your results from previous days


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I just went and looked, lucky had green on everybody in the game and I had red on every player which makes me opposite cop

Do you think it's possible Krazy just made a game without any mafia? It could be a trick to see if we will still kill people even though we have all cops and 0 mafia