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Who cares?

Everyone looking forward to the next greatest game of our generation

It’s going to be shit just like Diablo 3

How would you know have you played it?

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Where are my diablo funko pops Blizzard???

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i went to check the diablo subreddit for laughs and they’re all on suicide watch

Oh god thank you this game is what I’ve always wanted.

im excited



like really FREAKING excited holy fuck i even got the jitters

lmfao imagine being a content mod on that subreddit

imagine being a big diablo fan right now

not sure why you’d put yourself in that position when blizzard did what they did to d3

i could never get into diablo or PoE, they just look super repetitive and boring when I watch other people play them and as soon as I play them for more than 30 minutes I get the overwhelming desire to go do something else.

can you explain what makes them fun @Derumination?

This is the guy who asked if the diablo announcement was an April fools

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They’re the kind of games you can spend all day playing to improve you character over prolonged periods of time. In that sense they appeal to people who are looking to work toward something on a consistent basis but to do so as a form of escapism from real life.