Still no invite for me. James Harding is an ass

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ah yes, the reflex fps approach of writing your own game engine and it being unaplayable.

No key for weekend 2. Game is dead

Sorry. No extra key. 2GD is streaming and giving away keys, but they get atken really fast.

This game is hard. So many pro Quake players online.

I'm in

Im owning

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Game is fun, definitely has some performance issues. Played bow instagib for a while and then switched to wipeout and it crashed within 3 rounds. Also I noticed it isn't saving my settings

the crashing thing is a memory leak. restart after 2 or 3 games.

My Epic name is KrazyKat42 if anyone wants to add me. Playing on Dallas server.

Just checked. My ping to Dallas is 16. Chicago and LA are 59 ping.

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@KrazyKat @theGreatWingdingi let’s duel or honeymode duel tonight with discord

I’ll be home late though

Gone to get food but i'll play with you. I play chicago - dallas would be about 110 for me, chicago ~60

Krazy I sent you an invite. Playing a couple now but probably gonna end up going to bed soon

Not really sure how the invite system works

add slowdive420, we can play chicago

u have to add me on epic gamer store, adding in game doesnt work yet

420? What's that stand for?

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I have a crazy new jump tech for weebows

the outpost dunia one is sick u can go from red to yellow instantly

or red to upper to mega really fast with the explosion weeball

my aim and movement still shit