Anyone interested? The new game that could?

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@anon31000304 Closed beta starts next week.

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@fuckmafiauniverse What is your malfunction?

your numb nuts


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Nvm i just got a key @KrazyKat

@KrazyKat and now i got an extra cause i signed up for the email keys and someone gave me one

pm me if you want it and we can do arena 1v1 tomorrow or something

Just got mine :smiley:

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I'll take a key

go sign up on the website, they're sending more today and sending a shit ton

if my little brother doesnt want mine in a while i can give you one

This Epic Games Launcher is ass.

I registered but i dont want to use the epic launcher, can you tell them to get it on steam

LOL. Epic offered them $300k for tournament prize money and enough cash to keep the company running for at least two years, for an epic exclusive.
Not gonna happen any time soon.

Played my first game. 1vs1 to 10 kills.
I lost 10-0.
Guess I forgot that all the casual arena first-person shooter fans left years ago.
This guys aim was so good he played like a bot.

I tried Wipeout 5v5 and it was super fun. Kill score doesn't matter. You fight die and respawn as usual, but your respawn timer gets longer and longer. The game ends when one team has no players alive.
5 rounds for best of 5 I think.

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This game is like the old days of Quake 3. Super fast. Not sure I can keep up anymore.

Can't get more than 47 fps. I guess I need a new vid card.