Didnt leave house for two days

So my roommate took me to some sort of art exhibition and i felt so awful afterwards i didnt leave my home for two days playing runescape and i couldnt take a shit now i left my home to buy some cigarettes and after walking for about two hours i went into a restaurant and im taking a shit

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That’s nothing


It’s been about 3 days for me and I have 3 more ahead

Additionally I live alone and dont talk to people so with each day I grow noticably more insane

I used to live like this. Weeks or months (years?) at a time.

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I think I probably made it months

Are OP and ian related? I confuse them

My Egyptian brother

I actually used to be in a very similar position

All the way down to OSRS

Also left the house to shit in public restrooms when my toilet wasn’t working

Video games drinking dropping out of school spending every second literally killing time

He’s a turk

My Egypt without the pyramids brother

Big fan of not leaving the house. Hope to never have to leave my house again in the future (less than 10 years )

I haven’t left my house since I got home Friday from work. I’m trying to save money and not spend any right now. Eating left overs from the rib roast I made.

What runescape do you playing?

He plays OSRS along with all the other cool autistic kids

There is a secret runescape community on this website but you have to be cool & autistic to be part of it

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im down for hardcore ironman alightsoul