Different Bugs on the Forum

Saw there was a worm and grub thread up but would be funny to label everybody as different critters.

What bug do you think your friend and foe is? thanks

Not bugs, but @a2pas suggested that slugs might be a useful category

Do you know him in real life?

I do not

:bug: for bugs

Worms bugs grubs and slugs. I’m out of critter ideas at the moment.

Ant; Raccoon; Gremlin - Won’t name names not to offend anyone

I feel like raccoons may be too complex of a life form to be a critter. As for ants - those are bugs.

Gremlins could probably fall under the various subhumanoid races there are, morlocks, gremlins, goblins, trolls, halflings, etc.

Gremlins are not humanoid they’re mammals

Bees and ants may be more noble than just mere bugs depending on who you ask.

Kobolds, imps, and gremlins are all humanoid from what I gather


I am floored that dominican women are a cryptid humanoid

Lmao latin american mythology is dope

I am a trash panda raccoons are cute


I’m not sure. I need a forum title, why don’t you come up with one for me? @anon75925521

Bumping this. Still haven’t gotten my Bug equivalent.

@Derumination is a caterpillar with a genetic mutation preventing him from forming a functional cocoon