Dilemma [SIGNUPS] [5/5]

8 player game.


Every day, players are randomly paired against each other to play a game of modified prisoner's dilemma.
Players may never be matched together twice in a row.
Each player starts with 3 points, first player(s) to 9 points wins the game.
If a player drops to 0 or lower points, they are killed.
Pairs and Results are publicly announced at the start of each day.
Cooperate/Defect is sent to host in PM at any time before EOD.
No night phase.

Score Matrix:

A/B Ally Betray
Ally +2 / +2 -2 / +3
Betray +3 / -2 +0 / +0

Signed players:

If 9 players sign, the game will be upgraded to 2v1 mode.

@mafiabot host

If the number of times a player plays the game with another player is known, the optimal method of play is to only betray (induction proof left to the reader).

This setup pales in comparison to Blackrock Mountain mafia.

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blackwing lair was certainly my favorite classic raid


Just for everyone's info I will be picking Ally every day.

Ideally this game would be hosted multiple times in a row for best results.


6 more. Let's get this game started by Monday.

forgot to clarify in the OP: If you reach 0 points, you die.


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@Vanilla_Town sign


3 more to go.
@KrazyKat @insom @supa @Osiris @LuckyArtist

should just play with 5.

I'll go with 6 if we don't get more than 1 more sign tonight. If we go with 5 I'd have to put you and Jcrispy on the same team or something.

the 5 people you @'d I wouldn't willingly enter a Prisoner's Dilemma with.

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How about we get someone with real life experience?

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