disco elysium

so i feel like i make a lot of individual game threads

did anyone do a playthrough of this, i think i'm almost finished

What r ur thoughts, I see so many people gush about this thing.

I think it was fantastic, really well done. One of my only complaints was that the "Communist Cop" dialogue options were often purposefully ridiculously over the top to make fun of it but doesn't matter. It's like playing a good novella. I found myself thinking "just turn one more page of the book" til the wee hours of the morning.

I think if you really like games with a world built around a solid story, and a shit ton of dialogue and "personal choice" you'll probably like it

It's kind of slow going. I often found myself wishing I had a speed cheat to run 30 or 50% faster or something, but it was worth it.

it was alright. i hated having to constantly change my outfits for different rolls though that was really annoying