Discord in the Teamspeak

there's been discord in the teamspeak lately. you won't hear me mumble about it.


im looking for a new friend group. i'm interested in poe, maybe warcraft, street fighter 6, etc

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Sounds like you'd be a good fit for jdancers/kyloons. Good luck on your apps!

kyloons discord is pretty cool it's mostly me and kat spamming gifs and kyle sharing report screenshots


How many times do i have to tell you nobody cares about goyclub goingons old man

nmagane has a really nice voice

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Nmagane is in goyclub?


Just cringe. ■■■■■■ talks for an hour straight in my ear over Dota.

Kuroky tier behaviour

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this you?

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what's happening in this picture?

oh that's kuroky in the corner i think

Sorry for not tolerating bad faith "I'm just pretending to be a retar­d" every day for the last year.



Cyborg Matt next to him

Hope your "new guild wars guild" that "dungeon boosts you" enjoys your company.
Gotta grind those levels bro. Kill Kelthuzad

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idk if you saw i complimented your voice. it's very nice


Pick Void spirit and ruin the game -> "Dungeon Grind in Guild Wars 2"