Discord Run By Pedophile Furries



My fellow americans, we got them.

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How the fuck do they rationalize “no underage humanoid porn” with allowing illustrated furry kids fucking?

do you need any of my SFM portfolio

what have i stumbled upon lamo

you know what I bet every working artist who was initially inspired by animaniacs dips into the cub market once in a while (while it’s bullish)

I was significantly happier before I knew about this

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Can’t wait for @anon_yang to come in telling us how he warned us about all of this

loli is less degenerate than fucking furry pedo bullshit.

Well it’s just facts. There’s no pedophile furry teamspeak servers.

You could always not judge people for being different from you.

That seems highly doubtful

You really are becoming jdance, pedo

I love a good slippery slope fallacy but this aint it.

Burn all this shit to the ground, nobody will miss it

what do you think makes one worse than the other? to me they’re the same

isit better to fuck an animal kid or a human kid

philosophizing time

i aint fucking no pig personally

neither, and neither are allowed, for good reason.

why should I have to choose?