Divinity original sin 2

Whoz played this so far

I’m having fun but I suck a ton of dick

It was a blast playing through with my brother. For some reason we kinda stopped about 90% of the way through but it was super fun so I’m sure we’ll pick it up again.

Don’t know if it’s a game I’d have as much fun playing alone though. I think a lot of the appeal is the silly ways to solve problems or dumb things you can do with friends.

Love it. Hoping the definitive edition is dope.

solo lone wolf tactician is good stuff

Bought the first Divinity Original Sin during the steam sale, haven’t actually played it but I’m planning to at some point. also Baldurs Gate 2 which I’m trying to play but kinda struggling because the barrier to entry is so high. Also bought OG Guild Wars which people are still playing in 2018

Watch out for that Bear it’s vicious

I can’t rrmber if it was one or two, but I made a dwarf Barb was leaving candle keep. My childhood friends like don’t leave me behind I need youuuu. So she comes with I walk into the first mob I see. The bear eats both if us.

it’s great and dw about sucking at it

i burned myself out on it but will be picking it back up when definitive edition hits

i was enjoying it a lot but never finished act 4.
act 2 was the best, act 3 was a complete mess, act 1 was a shitshow for me cause i didnt understand anything and the gameplay was super slow without many spells and act 4 was kinda okay for what i played

Add me on Steam for coop when definitive is out.

they’re rewriting a whole bunch of stuff during act 3 (mostly arx stuff, but maybe some nameless isle areas as well) in the definitive edition since it’s the weakest part of the game

i’d recommend giving it another chance in august when it comes out, especially since the first act is great once you understand the game a little more

just started it this week. considering stopping and waiting for the definitive edition for my playthrough.

fun game tho.

if you didnt know the definitive edition is out now and it’s a free upgrade if you already had the game…guess that explains why it never really went on sale. saves cant transfer ofc so everyone got assfucked

Cool. Gonna play through this in the fall

if you didn’t already finish your run before the DE release you’re gay

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playing definitive edition, man i love this game

best RPG from last year by a fucking mile

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Also playing

we should start a party my man

K add me