DNC Pedophiles & Clintons made up the russian hoax

but we already knew that

'Clinton indictment' blows Russia collusion conspiracy wide open, top GOP investigator says (msn.com)

You are legitimately unbelievably stupid



In case you didn't know, Republicans are the masters of projection. Anything you hear about the democrats actually just applies to Republicans only

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Democr@z 4eva!!!

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Who are these strapping young lads

jdance you are quite dumb I pity you

What's ur gpa

So...Trump was RIGHT About Clinton & Russia Collusion!! - YouTube

If Russia+Trump is a fake story created by the HRC/DNC.

If Biden Laptop was supposedly "Russian Misinformation" but is now proven legit by left wing media.

If HRC calls PIZZAGATE a russian disinformation campaign, and that "John Podesta's Emails" were hacked by Russia.

It's all real.

numeta you really need to stop reading /pol/

I have no problem with the fact that you hate Obama, Hillary and Biden

But the fact you don’t bring that same energy when talking about Trump (or Bush) is strange


These are all national headlines. I dont waste my time on /pol/

I honestly don't like Trump but that fact that he is not part of the satanic pedophile cabal and he's the fuckign REASON they are in jail (Epstein/Maxwell)

Yeah i'm on his side.

Bush is CIA just like Obama. Both pieces of shit

ah yes, the satanic pedophile cabal :rofl: people believing this shit is never not funny

Clearly you're not reading anything I write.

in what world did Trump help in getting Epstein

when they were neighbours in florida they were supposedly pretty good friends for quite a few years

and if you think Biden etc. are pedophiles, then Trump mega fucking is

He spent way more time hanging out with Epstein compared to most of the other politicians. He even talked about what a cool guy he was to the media

lock up the clintons with the trumps and let's move on as a nation.

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