Do something about ewiz

  1. By that logic everyone on the forum is just circumventing the rules.
  2. I wouldn’t dismiss them if they were approved by the community and the site owner. I think you thinking that is just low self esteem and lack of understanding of how to run a community in general.

You say that I need “additional ruling” but it’s not Additional - it is the ONLY ruling, which you have no definition for and do not even want to tell me what to do to fix it.


@SOPHIE Fact of the matter is, if you are imposing any on the spot “ruling” on me; you are imposing it on everyone on the forum. Essentially prohibiting doing whatever made you impose that rule. (Which you still don’t want to specify)
Think out what you’re posting before you just start writing up excuses.

Plus, I don’t want you to “prove it” because I know that by your definition I am. It’s very clear that that’s not what I’m asking for. I want you to define what makes me or my behavior Toxic.

If you want to avoid getting dessimated like this again please just put the least bit of thought into your replies because nothing you said there makes any sense and I’m sure everyone on the forum agrees with me here.

Yes. I was absolutely dessimated here in this ring




I think your after your recent experiences with certain users you should have learned that something that looks innocuous to an outside eye is really not to the people involved, especially when it involves replying to every single post

NMA at least has the courtesy of pretending he’s engaging with you intellectually and not just jumping to low-effort insults immediately

I’ll remind you that everybody else in that thread was discussing just fine and the reason this began was that I told ewiz he needed to watch the source material before typing his opinion back at me. Didn’t accuse him of being wrong, didn’t say anything remotely offensive. Just said “Why are you sending me this opinion on source material you haven’t watched?”

How am I pretending?

Shut up retard

Can we at least agree that your pedantic, even though you can’t spell decimated

again dgaf about wasting brainpower on some egyptian monkey anymore

just let me know when you guys are sick of his shit or he breaks a rule xD

What rules?

The rule of DEEZ NUTS