Do something about ewiz

Actively ruining thread that people were just relaxing discussing in and making it very negative and unpleasant to discuss in/read in

Failure to take action against this user results in immediate degradation of site content & discussion. This sort of behavior will take primacy over the long run.

Shut up retard

If you check discord right now you can see the admin performing some peculiar activities.

I personally don’t see an issue though.

Please keep us updated



unfortunately ewiz has been saying that line for like years

i think if it were more toxic behavior (and we both know its not extremely toxic) i might give a shit

i never approve flags that are for posts like that.

What’s toxic behaviour?

The stuff you do.

What do I do? I really don’t know.

Yeah, sure.

I’m serious.


I genuinely don’t understand your definition of “toxic” and want to know because you don’t want to write any actual forum rules (instead of just dismissing it as I usually dismiss anyone who uses that word).

Your “callousness” is getting in the way Nma.

i dont wanna impose rules on other people when youre the only person who needs additional ruling. and besides that, you’d only want rules define to circumvent them or dismiss them as the work of an ill-fit admin :slight_smile:

we both know your toxic, i dont need to prove it to you or anyone really

No I don’t know that I’m “toxic” because I don’t know what that means.