Do YOU Owe Nmagane Money? (You might be surprised by the answer.)

I thought it was pretty funny when this guy showed up on the forum and said "I never got my Artifact Tournament prize money" - but then I realized: He's right. You guys did offer money for the winner. Which makes it even funnier.

I did not go through the whole thread but here are some posts from the start:

(We got 28)

When are you guys going to pay the money?

As the tournament admin I feel it is my responsibility to make sure you follow through on your promises.

Do we need to factor in inflation? 20 bucks in 2018 is worth like 200 USD today - especially in a place like Egypt.


If you guys can find any other people who owe Nmagane money let me know.

A lot of them are in random threads throughout the forum - for example here's Ewiz in ■■■'s css thread saying he's going to pay money

We need a list of everybody who didn't pay so they can be banned from the next Artifact Tournament.

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I can take monthly payments, starting from 1 USD a month.


bro i cant wait until eco terrorism becomes mainstream

normalize strapping a bomb to your chest and going out in a blaze of glory in some fucking soulless corporate office hub

companies like blackrock need to get timothy mcveighed

in minecraft of course

I could pay you in Dota hats.

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Well that's at least one thing notjones, you, and I can all agree on hahaha.

Can you help us understand what this has to do with the thread topic?

Or do the words "Owe Money" just send you into a fit of murderous rage

Regardless it is great to hear you are excited about the next Minecraft server

do you have enough dedidated wam for all of us to play :peeposhy:

Of course. I have some great things planned for the next NAMinecraft server, I think you guys will really enjoy


encouraging to see the community rallying to get this man his well earned rewards


It kinda already is mainstream lol

Matticus offered to settle the tab personally - but I am only taking it from either the official NAMafiA capital (Dann) or the people who promised it.

Dota hats I have many.
Choose you may.
Yoda spoken has

You can send whatever you want... if you truly wish...
I can't say I know the ratio of Steam Dollars to Real Dollars - that's up to the economists of the forum.

Dota hats? I thought the offer was made in cash.

I think he should be the one that goes through the channels of conversion - but Dota Hats are like NFTs in a lot of ways.

Steam bucks might be worth more than US dollars soon.

According to my analysis; the most valuable item owned by Krazy Kat is a 2 dollar Storm Spirit Headpiece. Not sure what he's trying to pull off here.

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